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People.  Purpose.  Passion.

Speech Pathology neurological rehabilitation services for adults

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Speaking.  Listening.  Reading.  Writing.  Voice.  Swallowing. 

Social Communication skills

At Communicate For Life we strive to provide contemporary speech therapy for communication, voice and swallowing skills with adults. 

We enjoy what we do, seeing you achieve results.  We listen to you, apply evidence based practise, design speech pathology programs responding to your particular needs. 

We believe communication matters.  

It richly connects us to life. 

About Us

Jacqui Raymond,  Principal Speech Pathologist

Jacqui completed a degree in Speech Pathology at La Trobe University. She has worked broadly across the health sector including clinical treatment, health service program and policy implementation, for the past 19 years.  Jacqui completed postgraduate studies for a Master of Public Health in 2011.  She has worked as a Senior Speech Pathologist in public and private hospitals including St Vincent's, Eastern Health, Cabrini Health, Donvale Rehabilitation and was instrumental in launching a Parkinson's voice clinic at Cabrini Hospital in Melbourne in 2014. 

She enjoys designing and delivering speech pathology neurological rehabilitation and has LSVT certification for Parkinson's voice treatment.  She currently participates in several Australia wide (NHMRC) Speech Pathology clinical research trials for aphasia. 

Jacqui also likes travelling, having great laughs with family, and finding joy in our shared humanity.


Speech Pathology for Adults

People.  Purpose.  Passion.

Communicate For Life provides a range of speech pathology rehabilitation services for adults in Melbourne's East and South East surrounds.  

If you find yourself frustrated with your speech or voice in the work place, fatigued with trying to communicate, concerned by a complex swallowing problem, feeling lost at a party or can't join the conversation, want therapy tailored for your personal outcomes, contact us to learn

what speech pathology can offer you. 

You can gain more control of your speech, swallowing and communication. 

You can learn new skills and have your say in life.

Home Visiting Services

We come to you!

Lots of people tell us they can't believe the difference a home visiting service made to their therapy.  We often hear people say they have more energy to focus on therapy and achieving results, rather than trying to travel, wait, or find a car park.  Contact us about home visiting services and locations.

  • Save your time 

  • Invest your energy where it counts

  • Apply your skills at home where it matters

  • Watch your confidence grow


You can self-refer.  Contact us directly for a private appointment.  
Medicare, DVA and NDIS funded services require a referral from your Doctor, GP, or NDIS plan manager.

We assist people with:

Brain injury
Primary Progressive Aphasia
Early onset Alzheimers
Primary Brain Cancer
Complex dysphaiga
other neurological conditions

We provide therapy including:







Social Communication Skills

Augmentative Communication 

Communication Partner Training Home management programs

We are registered with:




Private Health insurance funds

We are Certified Practicing Speech Pathologists

and members of

Speech Pathology Australia


Services for Speech Pathologists

Professional practise mentoring and supervision

At Communicate For Life we enjoy sharing life long learning with our colleagues. 

Professional practise mentoring and clinical supervision for early career speech pathologists is a private, personalised service to access support you need, hone your skills and build confidence in your career. 

We like to keep the quality high and so we only offer a limited number of places. Consultations are conducted in private consulting rooms in Malvern, Melbourne, or via Telehealth on request.


Early Career Speech Pathologist

Professional practise mentoring and supervision service

Contact Us

Communicate for Life

Jacqui Raymond, Principal Speech Pathologist

Melbourne East and South East surrounds

Consulting suites located in Malvern and Boronia

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